This guide is designed to help you grow and maintain a well groomed beard. Whether you’re after the short stubble look or a finely tuned beehive, we'll help you achieve your beard happiness. Research shows a well groomed beard can help increase your attractiveness, make you feel more masculine and even demand more respect from others. However an unkempt beard can achieve the exact opposite so clearly the trick is keeping it well groomed. HOW TO GROW A BEARD? So where do we start on the quest for a well-groomed beard? When it comes to beards, there'..
It's the one word that has the power to strike paralyzing fear into the hearts of men: waxing.     Can you hear the strips violently ripping off your flesh? The horrified screams of pain? It's awful to imagine and pretty uncomfortable in real life, but it doesn't have to be a terrible, horror movie-esque experience.  As with most things, the best philosophy to use for manscaping is that knowledge is power, whether you're attempting to remove hair from your back, your brows, or your butt.  Luckily, Reddit is always helpful wh..
Going bald is a common concern for many guys, and estimates show that roughly two-thirds of men will start losing their hair by their mid-30s. While some men might embrace the change and shave their heads, others may seek out treatments to slow hair loss.     But does anything actually work? While there's no magic potion to help you regrow hair you've already lost, Dr. Melissa Piliang, M.D., a hair-loss expert at Cleveland Clinic, says there are five things that could potentially help you hold onto the hair you have.  1) Meditation and..
If you've ever felt unsure about your outfit choice, you're not the only guy. Getting your personal style right and choosing the things that look best can be tricky. But something great happened this week when hundreds of women (and some men) got together on one reddit thread to talk style: “Ladies, what type of outfit/clothing looks the sexiest on men?” the thread asked. What a gift. Here's what the women of reddit had to say about which clothes make dudes look best.   Your clothes should fit your body—period “In my opinion, i..
As winter swings around and the cold winds tear down our faces, we're given a timely reminder that it's time to do something about our scaly red skin. Director of Education and qualified skin technician, Debbie Dickson lends us five reasons why men should moisturise.   LUCKY TIGER PREMIUM FACIAL MOISTURIZER 100ML 1/ Men tend to have a thicker skin with a faster cell turn over. This means that for men, having moisture in their skin is essential for a natural process of desquamation (exfoliation). So, if you want to have smooth, glowing skin that isn’t r..
Eating almonds has many health benefits, but so does shaving with them!  The oil is a brilliant moisturizer and absorbs quickly into the skin to feed it from within (and might even prevent acne breakouts). The scent has been used in aromatherapy for centuries. Check out Eric's curation on the many products that use almonds to scent, nourish, and hydrate. Cella: Since the latter part of the 19th century, this Italian company has been creating a fan-favorite among traditional wet shavers. This is a very soft, “Italian-style” cream soap that ..
Proper wet shaving techniques, quality products and post-shaving skin care can help you look and feel your best and help avoid razor burn, razor bumps and irritation. A good, close shave followed by the right facial wash and after shave moisturizer products go hand in hand to achieve optimum skin health. And, it can turn a chore into a pleasant morning ritual. This guide has been adapted from our professional barber handbook - used in our master classes that teach barbers the proper wet shaving service.  Warning - this is the long answer - but isn't a couple of minutes of reading..
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